Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Technology...Transforming teachers into educators:

With advances in educational technology, teachers are now becoming educators. In the past, many classroom environments relied on punishing tools to allow teachers to achieve the outcomes they desired of their students through guilt, intrepidation, and embarrassment of the learner. The classroom teacher using a “stand and deliver” approach, followed by measurement or evaluation as a test of student learning does not create an educational environment that allows for student engagement. The educator of today creates a meaningful emotional relationship with the learner by allowing for student engagement through the use of technology in the classroom, and ultimately followed by assessment as a way to test if the learning objectives were achieved. By implementing technology into the pedagogy, it provides a learning environment that encourages the learner to participate in the learning process. Furthermore, this positive emotional support for student centered learning translates into student centered practice to create a “Learn by doing” educational experience. As the digital age advances into the future; and as those of us in educational administration look through the lens of these advances in educational technology, let us move the teacher forward to the educator of the future.

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