Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Student-Centered Lifelong Learning

With many of our teachers currently stuck in an out-of-date belief system that students need to pass a test to move forward or be retained; and with teachers struggling with the use of technology in the classroom, the learner is actively seeking technological advances in the learning process.

The Educator of today will articulate to their students the process of lifelong learning skills. This allows the student to take an active role in their learning from memorizing and repeating information, to exploring through self-discovery to perform and transfer self-learned information to solve new problems.

To accomplish this goal, we as educators will facilitate a student-centered learning environment that allows for students to learn on their own, teach others, develop communication skills and collaborate with others, develop lifelong learning skills, public speaking, followed by self-assessment of their work.

With the tremendous amount of human knowledge available with current technology, not to mention what the future has in store; the scope of knowledge does not allow for the traditional educational system and the beliefs of the past to be effective.

The teacher of today needs to drop the notion that if we don’t teach them (the student), they will not learn our information. We as EDUCATORS will replace this antiquated thinking with the forward thinking that allows our students to be lifelong learners. By preparing independent self-motivating lifelong learners to learn in a student-centered technologically advanced global learning environment, they will learn their information to be successful in their lives.

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