Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Social Media and Networking

A few thoughts regarding social media and social networking:
1. The fastest growing demographic on Facebook are 50-65 year old woman subscribers.
2. Traditionally woman decide the vacation for a family, so it makes sense with your employer to focus on this segment.
3. Facebook is a two way communication that overshadows advertising, so create a dialog (conversation) between you and your publics.
4. Social media is instantaneous dissemination of news, information, images, audio, video (link to Youtube).
5. Purchase a Flip HD Camera (approximately $130) so you as the administrator can film video and take images to post on a regular updated basis.
6. Keep thing current and up to date, too many sites are out of date.
7. Cross link to reach target markets to build and maintain reputation and branding.
8. Authenticity: put a face to your brand, company, and individuals to create scale, long-term storytelling, and pull).
9. Remind your employer that social media is relatively inexpensive to publish and is accessible to all, in comparison to traditional media such as radio/tv/print advertising.
10. Be interesting to your publics, create a "Buzz", and provide solutions to problems or objections.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010